Chris & Tracy 

Tracy and Chris have worked in the field of design and innovation for over 17 years between us.  We've helped sustain a food revolution for Jamie Oliver, and redesigned the way LA county votes.  We've even engaged the world's most creative minds in science by turning their genes into music at TED. Throughout our careers, we always wondered, what if we took the same create problem-solving process we used to help well-known organizations solve their toughest challenges and applied it to peoples lives?  Would it work? Would anyone listen to us?  And maybe event scarier, what would happen if they did? Results May Vary is a thoughtful experiment to see just what happens when you set out to intentionally design you life.  


Hi, I'm Tracy 

I often can't believe what I get to do for a living. My specialty is digging deep and finding solutions to the toughest business and social challenges of our time. No joke!

As a Communication Design and Project Lead at IDEO, I became adept at using the creative problem-solving process of Design Thinking to identify, envision and express innovations for a wide variety of clients around the world.

Today, I have the honor of helping passionate companies doing meaningful work to increase their impact in the world.

Hi, I'm Chris 

Chris is head of experience for a new stealth start up in San Francisco.  He's lead design at One Medical, a health company reinventing the way you interact with your doctor, and has spent the last decade at IDEO working on a variety of projects.  

He's coached Team In Training, participated in 50+ triathlons and has traveled globally as a competitive mountain bike racer.  

Chris lives in San Mateo with Alyssa, his finance, and dog Robby.