RMV 12 Ela Ben Ur: You Can Design An Intuitive Compass

Have you ever wanted a fast, reliable and more intentional way to create change in your life? In our newest episode of Results May Vary, we orient ourselves with Ela Ben Ur and her Innovators' Compass, a simple tool that allows you to take swift action on any opportunity or challenge you're facing. 

As Ela describes it:

"The Compass orients us to the powerful directions we stretch in different practices of “innovation” and intuition—from personal learning and reflection practices to organizational processes like design thinking and agile development.  
It works over months or in just seconds—on a whiteboard, digital document, scrap of paper, in conversation or in our mind, alone or with others. It’s in use from schools to businesses. As a compass, it helps us see ways we can explore in different settings; it doesn't give us a map or route—we create our own maps of our challenges as we go."

How can you use Ela's experience and Innovators' Compass as inspiration to design your own life and increase your creative confidence? Listen to RMV 12 to find out!

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i2i Experience is Ela Ben Ur's independent business where she consults, coaches and teaches in design research, strategy, and innovation. With 15+ years of creative problem-solving experience, Ela is passionate about the capacity of human-centered design and design thinking to empower people and organizations.

Innovators' Compass is where you'll find more information, resources and examples of this simple, reliable tool in action.

Harvard Ed's Project Zero was founded by the philosopher Nelson Goodman in 1967 to study and improve education in the arts. Goodman believed that arts learning should be studied as a serious cognitive activity, but that "zero" had yet been firmly established about the field.

John Maeda's definition of Design Thinking: "It's the capacity to think that a better idea could exists, and possessing the tools to imagine what that is. Instead of focusing on fixing existing problems, conceive an ideal endpoint and work creatively to get there."

Field Guide: The Design Thinking Experience Gould Academy is hosting a 3-day workshop for anyone who wants to be a better and more efficient innovator. Join Tracy and an all-star team of design thinking practitioners in Bethel, Maine June 21st-24th.