RMV Episode 6: Jessica Semaan on Pursuing Your Passion

Do you have that recurring idea that’s really cool but hard to make time for? That’s the insight today’s guest, Jessica Semaan, has built an entire company around.

Despite her success at Stanford Business School and as an early employee at Airbnb, Jessica found herself unfulfilled. So she spent a year interviewing 100 people who were doing what they love. During this time she found her own passion, which is helping people find theirs. And today she’s dedicated full-time to this through her company, The Passion Co.

What are the biggest barriers to pursuing your passions? And how can you overcome them? Jessica was kind enough to share her revelations.

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The Passion Co. The place to go to find and launch your passion. Sign up for a workshop, attend the Start conference, or just get inspired by the 100+ passionate people featured on Jessica's blog.

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